Pharma sales – Out with the old, in with the new.


Is this a struggle you can relate to?

Let’s start by talking about paper sales aids and training materials.

I sit and write content and pull together all the information I need, I then spend time designing and putting together my print materials – Now this isn’t an issue but then I have to spend a fortune printing all the materials for my entire sales force not to mention adding in the time it takes to distribute and train my mobile team in the new materials.

Now being the perfectionists we all are, it’s very common to send out materials and then realise there’s things missing or you might suddenly think of something brilliant you want to add. Even sometimes noticing a tiny mistake that could cost you business. What do you do then? Try and get all the materials back? Make sure all old versions and disposed off and out of circulation? Spend thousands on new print materials?

I mean I could blabber on for weeks about the problems this causes and the time it takes and could make a huge risk assessment list if I really wanted to but you’ve either experienced this first hand already or get the point!

What’s changed? 

Everything’s going digital! – It’s safe to say that if more than 30% of your sales aids are in paper form right this second then you should really be considering bringing in an agency such as Iguazu  to create some beautiful digital content for your sales force in order to compete with your competitors. With years of experience creating incredible interactive presentations and digital assets for major pharmaceutical companies they are definitely the team for the job!

Anyway… back to the point. 

The days of lugging around paperwork and a heavy laptop are gone. Now you can access all your sales materials anywhere across the globe instantly straight from an iPad.

Congrego lets you share and manage promotional, educational and training assets with staff and customers across the globe, instantly.

We work with you to create interactive, compelling and simple content to improve the efficiency of your sales force. You can guarantee your entire work force is using the latest and most up to date content without the hasstle of material call backs and re-distrabution because this can now be done at the touch of a button.

You can use video, HTML5,  jpeg, PDF content, animation and even websites that don’t need Wifi to accsess and work as they would through the web with no storage limits and unlimited users around the world! – You can train staff remotly and symultaniously using fully tracked surveys and questionnairs and even use these at events and conferenced for live market research and staff feedback.

You can give different sales reps accsess to specific assets and documents to make sure they only have accsess to what you want them to see and what they need. You can remove there accsess or update it at any time and this will autamtically update everytime they open their iPad… It’s pretty cool to be honest!

There’s so much more I could tell you about but I’ll finish by saying, that wether you’re a small or growing company, or even an international powerhouse, Congrego will have huge benfits for you and your ROI will be unquestionable just check out what we’ve done for Jazz Pharmaceuticals! 

To organise a call to find out how Congrego could help you and your sales force please email for a quick chat with me.

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