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Find uploading videos and sharing on your iPad expensive and time consuming?


Ever noticed how difficult it can be to upload and share videos on iPads?

Many of our customers have wanted to use mode of action videos and animations in their dynamic projects but lack the capabilities on their current platforms.

Rather than wasting time and money on resources to help video uploads, Congrego has created a platform where you can upload videos in a quick and easy way for free, whenever you want.

We allow for multiple video file uploads and they can be shared instantly with anyone you wish to share them with… you don’t even have to worry about storage as that is unlimited so you can forget about dropbox!

Another key benefit is that if a video is updated on the server, with one simple click, every member of staff will have the video updated on their iPads in a matter of seconds.

Congrego is all about efficiency and flexibility; our video upload platform is just one example of how we save you time, money and energy.