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Want to measure your business conference impact and audience opinions instantly?


Whilst working with a major pharmaceutical company this year they raised a major concern with monitoring the effectiveness of their conference and speaker meetings they were having with customers. It was hard for them to gage whether these meetings were useful or if they needed to change their approach.

We eagerly introduced them to the Congrego Questionnaire Service that provided them with intuitive, quick ways to solve this issue.

Using the Congrego survey module the client was able to rapidly build a questionnaire and instantly deploy this to all their staff at the conference. This enabled staff to get customers to give immediate, relevant feedback without any hassle.

That is not the best part: Congrego collects the data from every completed questionnaire and it is automatically sent for review in the head office, with no fuss, and no delays.

When the client used these services at their next conference they were able to change elements of the event, such as refreshments, based on the customer preferences they were able to monitor. The client was also able to discover that the customers felt a summary newsletter from the key speakers would be greatly appreciated for the future.

They now use these questionnaires to continue to improve their conferences with great effect!