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Emailing On Congrego – Everything you need to know!

blogpost8There are multiple quick and clever ways you can email on Congrego. The first feature of emailing is that you can send PDF’s or other assets directly to other people with a few simple clicks. The following video explains how it works:

The following video explains how it works:

The second form of emailing is what we call ‘Approved Email’ where you can send summary pages to someone in seconds from within a presentation. This way you can eliminate the need for a long summary email after a meeting because you’ll have already sent them everything they needed or were interested in seeing whilst you were with them.

Here’s a quick tutorial on how to use the Approved emailing feature on Congrego:

If you have any questions about Congrego emailing feel free to leave a comment below.

Want your sales team to email approved PDFs to customers whilst on the move? – it’s easy with Congrego!


I’m sure you often find yourself in a situation where being able to instantly send a customer a PDF with a few clicks would be incredibly useful and also make you look more professional. The days of paperwork are gone; you don’t want to have to print documents or take notes on what files people want to see and then wait until you’re back at the office to attach a PDF to an email and then send it to someone!

With Congrego you can create and approve PDF’s and then directly sync them to the specific members of your sales team that you wish to use them. They can then pick the file they need  in front of the customer and click ‘send PDF using one time only permission’ then type in their email and the customer will instantly receive the documents they want.

The one time permission email feature can be set for any document you have downloaded so you can easily send files upon request within seconds. This feature is hugely popular with our clients because it allows for efficiency and simplifies communication between the sales team and the customers.