Are you concerned about the security of your materials and who has ownership and use?


Maintaining control over content is of key importance in the healthcare industry. It is critical to ensure that the right version of each piece of content you own is used – and only by the right people.  Are you certain that old and unapproved content is no longer in circulation?  What about the version on the shared drive or the copy uploaded to DropBox?

Congrego takes these worries away with a content control system built specifically for the needs of a highly regulated industry.

Content in Congrego is assigned using a simple but powerful matrix control system.  This allows each item to be made available to exactly who you choose – from groups down to  specific individuals. User rights are tied to content permissions so as soon as a team member changes, all old permissions are revoked; ensuring no-one has access to your material who shouldn’t.

Content can also be set with an automatic expiry date when uploaded to Congrego.   For items with a set re-approval time this guarantees those old versions cannot be used – they are automatically disabled on all your teams iPads on the set date (even if they have no internet connection)  Content can also be remotely withdrawn or disabled at any time from the management system which will take affect the next time Congrego is used on the iPad.

Congrego offers the safest, most secure and fastest way to share and manage, promotional, educational and training assets with your mobile sales team and staff. With the level of security in place across all the revolutionary features of Congrego, there really is nothing else like it. 

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