3 perfect accessories for Pharma sales reps


As a pharmaceutical sales representative, you need to optimise your chance of success by making the most of the little time you’re given with a potential client or lead. There are many ways you can maximise your chances of success as a sales rep and you can find out more here; However in this blog I’ll be introducing you to a few nifty Ipad accessories to not only make your life a little easier but also to further impress your sales leads and increase your chances of closing a deal.

The roll out of the iPad pro was welcomed into the business world with open arms. As Apple say ‘”Ipad pro is more capable, versatile and portable than anything that’s come before.” – a statement we couldn’t agree with more. The 9.7-inch iPad Pro display uses the same colour space as the digital cinema industry so presenting sales presentation and iDetails on this bad boy will take you to the next level. This perfectly brings me on to our accessory number 1.

1. Apple Pencil for iPad pro

What is it? – Well, it’s fairly simple, you’ll receive the pencil, lighting adaptor and an extra tip included in the price.apple pencil The apple pencil is sensitive to pressure and tilt so you can easily vary line weight and it’s perfect for using the adobe creative suit or simply for navigation and note taking.

It’s safe to say the Apple pencil has incredible drawing power with zero latency.

You’re also able to lay your hand on the screen like resting on paper without it flicking out or jumping, which I think we can all agree is pretty awesome.

Charging it through your iPad is such a sleek technique and then having an adaptor to charge through lightning is pretty cool! Then their’s split screen capabilities as one review on the Apple site puts it “Using the split screen and being able to record ideas on notes whilst browsing is like having 2 iPad mini’s side by side and using them both.”

The coolest feature however for ‘techies’ is the pencil having a weight on one side. Opposite the weight is the apple logo with the pencil So, when you place the pencil down it rolls over with the heavy side down to ensure the branding is facing up. Now that’s impressive.

If you can afford to purchase an iPad pro or you’ve been supplied with one for work then I highly recommend spending just £79 to take your iPad game to the next level.


2. Plantronics Voyager Edge Bluetooth Headset

headsetSo simple, effortless and elegant without sticking out of the side of your head making you look a little strange. This compact Bluetooth headset will eliminate your constant need to check your phone and miss calls meaning your phone can stay in your back pocket and you can come across as more social,more intuitive and you’ll seem like you actually want to be there. Boasting signature Plantronics audio technology, the headset eliminates background noise, keeping calls clear in any environment.

Intuitive features keep you moving

The headset ensures you won’t miss a beat, automatically answering calls as you place it on your ear or announcing who is calling so you don’t have to look at your phone before saying, “answer” or “ignore”.

Designed for busy people, voice commands keep you in control, audio alerts keep you informed and Plantronics mobile apps help you get the most out of your headset. This £99 headset will revolutionise your working day.

3. Belkin Portable Tablet Stage Stand for iPad STand2

As you know well presenting on the iPad is key to Pharmaceutical sale and it’s actually a very difficult skill even for the most experienced of sales reps. It’s not often someone can engage on a human to human level whilst trying to get them engaged with the presentation they are showing on a screen they are holding.

The Belkin portable tablet allows you to present in front of individuals or groups of people whilst being able to multitask at the same time.

Designed for easy travel, the Belkin Portable Tablet Stage stand works with the free Stage interactive whiteboard and document camera app to get even more out of your iPad. It’s great for presenting, reading, recording video, or surfing the web. And the lightweight, durable structure folds flat so you can take it anywhere.

Podium mode is perfect for presentations and collaborating. And again for only £79.95 this is the perfect investment to take with you in the field.

 Well, there you go…

You can thank me later, however, if you had the time to read this post then you have the time to hop along and order these key accessories to revolutionise yourself as a pharmaceutical sales rep.



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